Vibrant leather artistry

Operating from her home base in Riel, a hamlet close to the Dutch city of Breda, Muka van Eyken, the driving force behind MukaCariza cares for what is most important in her life: Her family of three and her desire to raise awareness for present-day African creativity and culture.

A rich and vibrant culture that above all honors love, acceptance and togetherness. The print on the MukaCariza bags and accessories is the flag that proudly propagates these concepts. Displaying a provenance that, much like the Rwandan sunset, fuses all colors into one beautiful experience.

MukaCariza wants to redefine the meaning of luxury by creating bags and accessories that radiate cheerfulness and fellowship, yet produced in a sustainable, respectful and sane manner.

In Muka's native village of Kabona, the women of her tribe came together to create fabric prints for special occasions. The memory of this experience inspired Muka to join forces with only the most dedicated craftspeople to help her make her dreams come true.

MukaCariza bags and accessories show an understated synthesis of African heritage and European craftmanship. Because for Muka, only a clean and refined design is the object you can truly long for and build a lasting relationship with.

Loosely translated, MukaCariza means a pat on the back or a bit of luck.
A small but meaningful gesture telling you the loving rays of the sun will always reach you, empowering you to never give up, look ahead, mature and blossom.

With MukaCariza, you will never walk alone.

Tote bag Xaverine brown/yellow
Clutch Xaverine brown/yellow
Tote bag Xaverine red/blue
Clutch Xaverine red/blue
Tote bag Xaverine blue/orange
Clutch Xaverine blue/orange

MukaCariza has decided to only march to the beat of her own drum, liberating MukaCariza from the constraints imposed by the fashion industry.

MukaCariza wants to stay pure, enabling her to only connect and collaborate with people who are really inspiring. It is precisely their visible and tangible input that takes MukaCariza to the next level, making MukaCariza a truly aspirational brand where vision, tradition and innovation blend to explore new horizons.

Designing is about looking forward. In order to keep a true connection with her products and to ensure her status of a truly gifted and open-minded brand, MukaCariza has chosen to keep the scale of her organization sane and realistic.

Everybody MukaCariza join forces with, becomes a family-member.
This also implies that everything that is realized with and for MukaCariza, needs to be close by. Close by in a geographical sense or close by in mentality.

The MukaCariza prints are digitally printed by a specialized studio, not far from MukaCariza's home base. Digital printing ensures MukaCariza that only the required amount of fabric is printed, reducing waste to a minimum.

MukaCariza bags and accessories are manufactured in the Spanish village of Ubrique. The local craftspeople have a degree of specialization and attention to detail that has become exceptional in times of mass production.

By having her bags and accessories manufactured in Ubrique, MukaCariza has created incentives for local employment, allowing the craftsmen to pass on this extraordinary craftsmanship to the next generation.

MukaCariza offers you sophistication teamed with a sense of family and care for the future. It is what makes MukaCariza tempting and attractive. The basis for true and lasting luxury.

Enjoy / Kwidagadura

Crossbody Wana salmon
Crossbody Wana green
Crossbody Wana brown
Laptop bag Makona red
Laptop bag Makona blue
Laptop bag Makona brown

Vibrant leather artistry


Crossbody Wana
Tote bag Makona
Tote bag Xaverine
Clutch Xaverine
Tote bag Xaverine
Tote bag Xaverine
Tote bag Xaverine
Tote bag Xaverine
Credit card holder orange
Key holder Xaverine
Bow Tie

MukaCariza pays tribute to the beauty and colors of Rwanda.A culmination of love, independence and pride brought together in the finest leather and prints.

Enjoy / Kwidagadura


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