Pre-order, the change in the fashion system


Pre-ordering allows us to reduce our ecological footprint. By working with pre-orders, we know exactly how many pieces we need to produce. This way we prevent overproduction, useless consumption of raw materials and dyes, unnecessary labor and cause minimal waste. Better for you, better for the environment and better for our world.

Just like you, we love beautifully designed products made from durable, high-quality materials. So skip fast fashion. Be a pioneer and change the fashion system together with us.

When you join the MukaCariza family, you will never walk alone.
Pre-order your favorite scarf or t-shirt right now.

Delivery takes place 2-3 weeks after ordering. The item you ordered will be produced as soon as a minimum quantity is reached. Therefore it may take a little longer before you receive the desired product, but it assures us no energy and resources will be wasted on labor, shipping and transport.

In keeping with our ethics, we take time to scrutinize the bag, garment or accessory you ordered before it leaves our studio.
We aim to be transparent and will always keep you informed about your order.

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