My day started fantastic and it still is. Even the sun came to say day. Today I am in my second week at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. I rent my own retail space there. No concept store but a real MukaCariza design shop. I am there with more entrepreneurs. One has been there for 5 years, the other one year and yet another has just begun just like me. I'm fine here, I feel that. Good atmosphere, nice space. Deep inside I know that I am well at my place here. If you only rely on the messages I share, you might have a wrong idea about my company. My business is not just rose fragrance and moonshine. Nope. That is also the reality of doing business. I'm trying to make this even more concrete for you.
Yesterday and today MukaCariza - be yourself, there are already enough others -I have NOTHING NOPES NADA sold.
Really. NOTHING. And yet I am not discouraged or frustrated. I got people in my shop on both days who show genuine interest and want to hear my story. When they leave the store, they have a business card with them. At first sight that does not look like much, but on the contrary. That is called investing. Building a good relationship. Getting acquainted and building trust.
Later when it feels good on both sides, money will come.
Why I share this with you. I once had an idea and a lot of opposition and setbacks and discouraging prejudices. All of this is very obstructive, but if you open up to it, growth is created. The more opposition the more persevering I became. I call the proof. Evidence of myself, that I believe in myself, that I support my idea but that I am also open to improvement and updating of my idea. I am therefore asking for a boulder in help. Really, I speak to everyone. And sometimes very often that provides a good useful tip. Do not be blinded at the beautiful pictures, fantastic stories and other successes on social media. Entrepreneurship is hard work, every day again. And certainly if you are a starter, just like me.


MukaCariza offers you the possibility to order a new (not yet delivered) keychain with an extra discount.
Handmade keychain of printed premium calfskin.
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MukaCariza for sale in Antwerp

Did you know that MukaCariza bags can also be found in Antwerp?
Shopping Stadsfeestzaal (De Nieuwe Natie)
Meir 78
2000 Antwerp

February 2018 to April 2018

Luxury tote bag Xaverine

Find a decor for MukaCariza Design Shop

Soon, to be precise on 1 March 2018, MukaCariza Design Shop will open.
We are open five days a week. So every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Through the week from 11 am to 6 pm. In the weekend from 12.00 to 17.00.
Currently it is hard work. Working on a new collection of bags. Searching for a store for the store. All over the place. Fortunately, I have a helpful network. Because yes more eyes see more than 2. More hands can do more than 2. My secret: ask for help and accept help. I have been able to get acquainted with thrift stores that I did not know about before.
Like Easy vintage in Breda, De kringloper in Etten-Leur and T'opkamerke in Bavel. So many nice things for little. I do not have everything yet, but it is going to be all right. Then a nice phase begins. All crafts and painting to 1 whole. Oooh, what do I want. Are you curious?

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